Partnership Governance

Case Studies

Partnership Governance

Designing Partnership Governance for an IT Outsource

A large IT provider bidding for a large government contract needed a partnership structure that would allow it to work effectively alongside the existing in house IT teams. A ladder partnership governance structure provided a rigorous framework for establishing joint development and accountability in decision making, coupled with an ability to introduce innovations at different levels, so that the needs of governance didn’t stifle change and flexibility.

Developing Partnership in Health Centres to Improve Health and Social Outcomes

Fractal was asked to develop a model for partnership working to help Health Centres partner with a range of health professionals and social organisations to increase access – particularly in to hard to reach groups – and to integrate care and support. Trials showed significant improvements in both access and take up of services from key target groups.

Developing a Strategic Partnership to Withstand the Impact of Cuts

A local authority had a professional support contract with a private sector company. Both sides regarded this as a strategic partnership and the relationship was good. When stringent public sector cuts were announced, they hit this relationship particularly hard. The private sector company was faced with a disproportionate hit on new projects and this impacted on their ability to maintain key skills within the area. Both parties had a reason to work together to solve this problem since hollowing out the skill base would harm both. We worked with them to identify a source of alternative income for the professional support team and so maintain key skills. This was identified from exploring the potential synergies that the partnership could develop together that neither could offer alone.

Developing a Strategic Partnership to create shared IP

This partnership between an R&D-based company and a large university was aimed at developing new intellectual property on a shared risk-reward basis.  Both organisations were highly motivated to deliver.  After six months, the partnership was floundering, with a reduction in trust between the partners and a consequent drop in productivity.  Our consultant demonstrated the elements which anchor in effective partnership working and supported the partnership in implementing them.

Developing Governance Audit Methodology for a National Government

The enormous and endemic problems of trying to establish control and stability in a volatile political environment led to this World Bank sponsored skills transfer project for the Columbian government. A methodology was developed using the Viable System Model to help the Columbian Contraloria to analyse and evaluate the structural and communications problems of their public sector organisations. This was then developed as training programme and a handbook.