Innovation Projects

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Innovation Projects

Bringing a new innovation to market in the ICT market

This project involved the design, development and deployment of a strategy to bring a new and complex innovation to market. The development process involved all major stakeholders to ensure that the resultant strategy was appropriate and consistent with all of their needs. The process took into account technology and market maturity to ensure that the developed value proposition was synchronised with the emerging market. A target segment was identified and a range of services were developed to enable the company to address a mission critical issue within the chosen segment.

Developing Innovation Options in a Medium Sized IT Company

This IT service provider needed to develop new innovation opportunities quickly. Fractal was asked to run an innovation workshop to surface and test ideas. The management team developed and did first screen testing on over 20 innovation ideas, evaluating each against a mixed set of criteria including market factors, technical feasibility, and suitability of business models. From these, enough passed the screening criteria to provide enough innovation targets for the next 18 months.