Patterns of Strategy Projects

Case Studies

Patterns of Strategy Projects

Service Provider or Strategic Partner?

An IT organisation within a global pharmaceutical organisation felt itself to be – and was seen as – a service provider rather than a strategic partner to the wider organisation.  Using Fractal’s approach to understanding structural relationships, the organisation gained insight into the factors creating the current dynamic.  They could then create a clear and focused plan to update their service portfolio and degree of proactivity, to enhance the relationship between them and the organisation.

Developing a strategy for a software company

The existing value proposition had reached maturity and a new proposition and strategy were needed.

The development process started with the production of a set of strategic scenarios to enable the leadership team to get to grips with the trends, inevitabilities and uncertainties that faced them in their new direction. From this, potential opportunities were identified, short listed and crystallised into a new market opportunity. A strategy was developed that took into account the capabilities of the organisation and its position in the marketplace. A change programme was developed and implemented resulting in a new market and focus for the organisation.