Mosaic Transformation Projects

Case Studies

Mosaic Transformation Projects

Designing a Transformation Programme for an Engineering Company

This medium sized engineering company were faced with the need to radically transform the way they operated in order to meet demands from their most important clients for significantly increased levels of service. We designed a transformation programme using the Mosaic Transformation methodology that broke down a series of complex interlocking changes into manageable chunks, which could be tackled in a logical sequence with available resources. Each stage of the change process was designed to prepare the ground for the next stage of the programme.

Designing a Transformation Programme for a Public Sector Organisation

This large Public Sector provider needed to institute a programme to change the way it managed its operations. Structural change was politically unacceptable, so a series of changes to working practices and interdepartmental relationships was needed to overcome the problem of process breakdowns between departments. Fractal supported the design of an incremental change process that allowed management resource to be concentrated on achieving packages of change. High levels of staff involvement ensured that this change was driven by the staff affected, minimising the traditional problems of resistance.

Designing a Transformation Programme for a Manufacturing Company

This manufacturing company was struggling to cope with demand and was unable to expand due to shortages of skilled labour. Fractal recommended changes to the operational structure with a switch from functional departments to manufacturing cells. We helped to design a change process that integrated organisational change and the formation of the cell teams with major equipment changes. The organisational change was incremental and progressively reduced the burden on the hard pressed front line managers, as well as dramatically improving efficiency, turnover and delivery performance.