Performance Management Projects

Case Studies

Performance Management Projects

Performance Management in a Public Sector Organisation

As part of a restructuring in response to a strategic risk, this public sector organisation needed to reassess its performance management structure. As is common in the public sector, government set some performance measures, but these were inadequate to ensure management that departments were operating effectively. In workshops with managers, it became clear that there were significant gaps in the performance management structure, which had led to confusion over roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities. Fractal worked with a management team to design a new performance structure and more appropriate measures.

Performance Management in an NGO

This NGO had never had an effective performance management structure. Its main activities were only measured at point of delivery which did not provide managers with timely information needed to prevent problems before they hit customers. Deadlines were regularly missed and managers had no usable information on either progress or quality. Fractal supported a dedicated team in designing a new approach to performance measurement, identifying performance thresholds, measures, decision points and reporting cycles.

Reviewing Performance Management in an Industrial Group

This group had undergone a restructuring to allow it to address more diverse markets. Fractal were asked to review of the performance management structure. This established that at two levels of the organisation, managers had no usable performance measures that would allow them to take decisions effectively. The holes in the Performance Management structure prevented effective governance, creating a strategic decision making vacuum and led to serious strategic mistakes being made.