Organisation Design & Business Architecture Projects

Case Studies

Organisation Design & Business Architecture Projects

Restructuring a Large IT Company

After years of consistent growth, this very successful IT company was facing a declining or flat market. There was no shortage of potential new products and services, but developing a set of new services that could replace the established range demanded completely different operating procedures, management focus, risk profiles and operating cycles across the development portfolio. We introduced the management team to the Viable System Model and worked with them to restructure the operational base and the management structure to anchor delivery of existing products and development of new ones into different divisions. The company reported significant increases in their ability to deliver their strategy.

Organisational Restructure in an Informatics Support Group

This pharmaceutical informatics department needed to change to be able to support changes in priorities from its internal clients. Over two days, Fractal took them through a rigorous decision process to formulate five organisational design options and choose between them against a set of decision criteria which we also developed. The team had been stuck for some time on the way forward, but using the design approach arrived at a strong agreement on their preferred option for organisational structure. They and also had the clarity necessary to convince their staff that this was the best option. Following this, we worked with them to further develop the design and the change process.

Restructuring Manufacturing in a Medium Sized Auto-Components Company

Operational failures were not only seriously affecting profitability, but also threatening the viability of this company. An analysis of work flows, the operating structure supporting them and decision-making, showed that chronic breakdown of production schedules was due to poor manufacturing structure. Fractal demonstrated the need for and advantages of cellular manufacturing to replace the organisational structure.

Streamlining Order Processing in a Medium Sized Auto-Components Company

This project integrated with the restructuring of manufacturing as the second phase of an organisational change project. Fractal analysed and redesigned order processing using the existing IT package to better effect. By disengaging the business process from the work process, we reduced the number of departments engaged in delivering a typical product order from six departments in nine locations to two departments, and the number of inter-departmental information transfers from sixteen to three.

Restructuring Operations in a Medium Sized Joinery Company

This Joinery manufacturer was faced with an opportunity for significant growth, but constrained by capacity issues. Fractal developed a new design for the organisational structure that significantly improved efficiency in terms of productivity, throughput time and use of space. This increased production by 40% within one week in one work area and the design process was repeated in a second workshop with similar results.