Organisational Agility Projects

Case Studies

Organisational Agility Projects

Developing Organisational Agility in a Large Engineering Company

This international engineering company needed to develop its capability to address multiple challenges – an increase in demands on its core business coupled with a need to cut its prices and in parallel with that, a need to develop its offering overseas. A key factor on the project was developing an approach to enable the company to switch key resources quickly between strategic objectives to enable it address fluctuations in both domestic and overseas demands.

Developing Agility in a Large IT Company

Faced with unpredictability in rates of sales growth in their developing new markets, this IT company needed to significantly increase its agility so it could quickly redeploy resources from existing services into new services for developing markets to deal with exponential growth for its successful initiatives. Fractal helped the senior leadership team redesign their operating structure to allow the company to move resources to focus on new developments and support growth.

Developing Agility in a Mutual Financial Services Provider

This organisation was facing a series of strategic challenges: an opportunity to acquire a similar provider, uncertainty about its financial backers and an increase in regulation. Decision making by the board had become focused on operational issues and these strategic issues were being neglected. Redesigning the governance structure created more agility both in management and operations with teams delegated to address specific strategic and performance issues being brought together to provide a holistic picture for decision making.

Restructuring for Growth

This large engineering-based company had successfully developed new lines of business internationally, and needed to restructure its operations to handle substantially increased streams of demand.  Organisational analysis highlighted the critical importance of building the capability of operational teams to initiate, prioritise and carry through changes to operational processes.  This created the agility which the organisation required to be able to manage more complex and variable demand.