Business Eco-systems Projects

Case Studies

Business Eco-systems Projects

Developing Nuclear Waste Management Eco-Systems

This EU funded project involved reviewing the nuclear waste management systems in two EU countries. The purpose was to understand the structural underpinnings of decision-making, and specifically how this related to the enormous problems of public confidence that affect the industry. In each case, the “system” involved the whole industry interacting as an eco-system, with different organisations playing very different roles in relation to one another. Outcomes from the study were a set of recommendations in each case for improving the structure of decision making to improve the transparency and accountability of the system.

Eco-Systems Development for Third Sector Providers

A group of third sector providers that were contracted to a public sector organisation were under pressure to consolidate their operations so their clients and the public sector funder would have less complexity to deal with. What ensued was a battle for position between the set of providers. Fractal worked with one of the providers to model the eco-system of organisations and the relationships between them. From this we developed a strategy for the business and a negotiation strategy for building the alliances necessary to manage the consolidation and broker an agreement with the public sector body in the way that was most advantageous for the client.